Subsurface Investigations

Noise Control Solutions

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Harvey Subsurface Services specializes in the collection of data used to characterize subsurface conditions. We conduct Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys, and provide private utility locating services; and utilizing Geoprobe direct push drilling methods provide soil and groundwater sampling for environmental assessments.

Groundmounted Noise Barrier

Harvey Noise Control solutions provider for industrial/commercial, transportation, environmental and architectural noise issues. Our team works with acoustical consultants, engineers, facility managers, & contractors to design, engineer, fabricate and install the acoustic solution that best achieves the goals of our customers.

About Harvey Associates

Harvey Associates was founded by Doug Harvey in 2003 as an environmental services company specializing in subsurface assessments associated with real estate due diligence and regulatory compliance. Harvey Associates incorporated Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys and Utility locating services to better serve a broader customer base.

In 2006, Harvey Associates began representing the Industrial Acoustics Company (IAC) providing sales and services for noise control problems in the New England Area. At the time, IAC was the premier acoustic products manufacturer, supported by an in-house, accredited acoustics testing laboratory. Today, Harvey Associates continues to provide “turn-key” acoustic solutions for architectural, industrial and environmental noise problems.

Providing Solutions Throughout New England