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Noise Control Solutions

Harvey Associates, Noise Control solutions provider for industrial/commercial, transportation, environmental and architectural noise issuesOur team works with acoustical consultants, engineers, facility managers, contractors and home owners to design, engineer, fabricate and install the acoustic solution that best achieves the goals of our customers. We take complete ownership of your noise problem. 

Our solutions include: noise barriers, acoustical enclosures, modular acoustic rooms, acoustic louvers, silencers, cooling tower baffles, acoustical curtains and acoustic doors and windows.  

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Noise Control Barriers

Noise Control Barrier Walls provide a sound barrier between a noise source and the surrounding community.

The acoustic barrier height creates a line of sight “sound shadow” zone, that reduces the unwanted noise reaching the area surrounding the noise source. Noise barriers can be tailored to cover almost any size area either indoors or out, for ground mounted or rooftop applications.

We offer solid faced modular acoustic barrier wall panels, that prevent sound passing through the sound barrier walls to the surrounding community and composite acoustic wall panels that additionally provide absorption of the noise generated on the source side of the noise control barrier, to reduce sound in the enclosed area, providing maximum reduction for a given height and length of noise barrier wall.

Noise Barrier Brochure

Noise Control Applications

Acoustic barrier walls can be provided for new construction or for retrofit to an existing structure for the following applications: 

  • HVAC Mechanical Equipment 
  • Power Plants 
  • Rail Yards 
  • Generators 
  • Transformers 
  • Distribution Centers 
  • Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Rooftop Mounted Equipment 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Highways 

Our noise barrier systems are easy to install and if used for temporary applications is easy to dismantle and relocate. 

  • Layout Drawings 
  • Installation Instructions 
  • Structural Steel Support Framework 
  • Foundation Design (for ground level barriers) 
  • Certified Calculations, P.E. or S.E. stamp as required 
  • Complete Installation Services 

Acoustical Enclosures

Our noise control rooms and enclosures are custom configured to suit customer requirements using engineered acoustic wall and ceiling panels, doors and windows. Enclosures incorporate silencers, isolated floors, access panels, removable wall and ceiling panels as required. 

Acoustic rooms and enclosures can be assembled on-site, or shipped to the customer as assembled units or modules. Modular and pre-assembled units are provided with fork lift or crane lift points as required. Window options include double-glazed safety glass, wire glass, polycarbonate, or bullet resistant glass. Door options include single-leaf, doubleleaf or sliding, with or without windows. 

As required units can have factory installed, computer and raised floor systems, electrical and lighting systems, HVAC systems and plumbing designed to meet customer requirements. 

Sound control rooms and enclosures are constructed using wall and roof panels with numerous options; carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Construction options include; weather resistant, bullet-resistant, RF shielded. 

A range of acoustical performance requirements can be achieved, normally STC 40-64 though higher performance can be provided as necessary. The interior and exterior can be finished in accordance with customer specifications and color preferences. 

Acoustical Enclosure Brochure
Acoustic Enclosure Installation Guide

Acoustical Blankets & Lagging

Acoustic blankets and pipe lagging is available for a range of pipe and duct applications, both interior and exterior; for ambient and elevated temperature use. Our acoustic blankets are composite systems with outer coverings made from heavy weight silicone impregnated fiberglass, encasing acoustic absorption and decouplers. 

Blanket assemblies are custom designed to suit the system components to be wrapped. Fittings include elbows, off-sets, divergent and straight sections that are prefabricated for easy installation. Section joints are made using a range of appropriate connections that account for acoustic, temperature, expansion and maintenance requirements. 

Acoustic Blanket and Lagging Brochure
Acoustic Blanket and Lagging Installation Guide 

Acoustic Swing Doors

We provide single-leaf, double-leaf, bi-folding and tandem configurations of swing doors to suit customer dimensional, acoustic and operational requirements. 

Personnel door configurations conform to ease of operation to ADA requirements. Door options include: STC 45, 50, 55, 60; Fire Rated; Single-leaf or Double-Leaf; Viewing Window options; Locking and Panic Release Hardware; Finishes: powder Coat, Wood Veneer Plastic Laminate 

All door and frame components are factory assembled and tested as a complete assembly prior to shipment. Factory assembly includes the installation of all seals, hinges, hardware and glazing as required. On arrival at site the door is ready for fast and easy installation. 

Doors feature heavy duty hinges and adjustable bottom seals to adapt to site floor conditions.  Doors are available with fixed or split frame assemblies to enable installation to suit the site installation requirements including existing openings. 

Acoustic Door Brochure

Commercial Acoustic Doors

Commercial acoustic doors are pre-engineered and constructed for architectural applications including:

  • Auditoriums
  • Studios
  • Class Rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Airport Terminals
  • Convention centers
  • Churches
  • Factories
  • Gymnasiums

Acoustic Door Applications

Single-Leaf, Double-Leaf, Tandem or Bi-Fold Designs are suited to a number of applications including:

  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Control Rooms
  • Test Facilities
  • Aero-engine Test Cells
  • Secure Areas
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
  • Test Laboratories

Full and Semi-Anechoic Chambers

Anechoic Chamber Brochure  •  Acoustic Silencer Brochure

VG Engineering Inc. full and semi-anechoic chambers are designed to meet internationally recognized specifications. Features of our anechoic chambers include:


  • Acoustic wedges provide low frequency cut-off in accordance with specification requirements and are available in a number of finishes and colors to suit architectural requirements.
  • Modularized anechoic chambers can be assembled and dismantled for easy relocation without change to acoustic performance.
  • Independently tested and certified acoustic components.
  • Full anechoic chambers feature suspended cable or grid based non-reflective floor systems to simulate “free field” conditions.
  • VGE sound-insulated wall and ceiling panels provide high Transmission Loss ratings.
  • Vibration isolated floor systems
  • Ventilation and power systems where required
  • Commissioning services provided as required

Common Anechoic Chamber Applications include the following:

  • Instrumentation Testing
  • Consumer Product Development
  • R & D Development
  • Vehicle NVH Testing Ancillary Equipment Testing
  • Clinical Audiological Testing
  • Testing vehicles
  • Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Scientific equipment and machinery
  • Any application that requires a room with no sound reflection